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Get a list of user's blood glucose and HbA1C measurements for a given day in the format requested using units in the unit system which corresponds to the Accept-Language header provided. Glucose measurement log entries are available only to authorized user. We always include all glucose trackers in the response body (with zero glucose value for the days with no measurements) to allow to seamlessly fetch a list of all additional user created custom trackers.

Access Type: Read

Rate Limited: Yes

Resource URL

GET /<api-version>/user/-/glucose/date/<date>.<response-format>


The API version. Currently 1.


The date in the format YYYY-mm-dd.


The response format. Currently supported response formats are json and xml for responses in JSON and XML, respectively.



Via token credentials. All authentication header parameters are required.

Request Headers



The measurement unit system to use for response values.


API Response in format requested: JSON or XML.

Response body format

Note: Text within <> is a descriptive place holder for a value.

JSON Response

Note: Text within [] is a descriptive place holder for a value.

XML Response


JSON Response
XML Response
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