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This endpoint is deprecated. Please see the October 2014 announcement.

Get a summary of a user's body measurements for a given day in the format requested using units in the unit system which corresponds to the Accept-Language header provided. This endpoint retrieves only latest entries for the specific date for weight, fat, bmi. If you would like to fetch all entries, use API-Get-Body-Weight and API-Get-Body-Fat endpoints.

Access Type: Read

Rate Limited: Yes

OAuth: oauth_token is optional, if omitted you should explicitly specify <user-id>.

Privacy: My Body (Friends or Anyone) privacy permission grants access to other user's resource.

Resource URL

GET /<api-version>/user/<user-id>/body/date/<date>.<response-format>


The API version. Currently 1.


User's encoded id or "-" (dash) to indicate user currently authenticated via the token credentials provided.


The date in the format yyyy-MM-dd.


The response format. Currently supported response formats are json and xml for responses in JSON and XML, respectively.



Via token credentials. oauth_token authentication header parameter is optional.

Request Headers



The measurement unit system to use for response values.


API Response in format requested: JSON or XML.

Response Body Format

Note: Text within <> is a descriptive place holder for a value or repeated elements.

JSON Response


Note: Text within [] is a descriptive place holder for a value or repeated elements.

XML Response

1. If there were no measurements for the specific day, we include zero values for those measurements. You can always fetch interpolated values for graphing via Get Time Series resource calls.
2. Please, not that as the values for <weight>, <fat> and <bmi> we include the latest entry of the specific day.


JSON Response
XML Response


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