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Fitbit Libraries & Examples

To help you start implementing Fitbit API in your applications we provide reference implementation of the Fitbit API client library in Java (Fitbit4J). This library is supported by Fitbit team and maintained up-to-date with all API developments.

Fitbit API Java client (Fitbit4J)

Or consider starting from scratch in PHP or .Net with some help of our example implementations:

Fitbit API PHP Client walk-through    Fitbit .Net Client walk-through   Fitbit + Twilio Node.js example

Community Libraries

Thanks to members of Fitbit API developers community, we have several independent Fitbit+OAuth client library implementations to help you quickly start implementing REST API in your application in variety of programming languages. If you know or working on any other library implementation that you think is worth mentioning, we encourage you to announce it on Google Group.

If you are looking for a library in language that is currently not on the list, you could refer to the list of general OAuth libraries from OAuth site and start from there.


In addition to all the libraries listed below, we encourage you to try start implementation of Fitbit API with Temboo’s
SDK and Fitbit API library (which supports currently Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.JS and Java).


Fitgem by Zachery Moneypenny– Ruby Gem and example Rails client application. [Sources: Gem, Client Application] 

– Example Rails Client Application and Docs 
– Ruby Gem Documentation


FitbitPHP by Pavel Risenberg– OAuth authentication, session handling and basic wrapper for all API endpoints.




Fitbit.Net by Aaron ColemanMakes structured calls to the Fitbit API from .NET projects
Logs in users using the OAuth flow
Easy data storage using POCO objects responses
Mono compatibility
Based on the popular RestSharp (

Note: Libraries in this list are recommended, but not developed nor supported by Fitbit. Please address all questions regarding this libraries to their respective authors. For the reference implementation and best practice for API clients from Fitbit please refer to API Client Reference Application and API Java Client.

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